Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fall 2009

Our summer weather has finally reached us, and already the reality of fall is quickly approaching. I'm trying to drag my feet, but I'm about to be thrown, head first, into the oncoming obligations. ahhh.....

Our lives don't seem very exciting. I've been hanging out with my sister a lot. I've gotten her into painting her toe nails. We have fun!! Fun colors and flower stickers! It's been fun to hang out with her and makes me happy that I moved back to Highlands Ranch. We are too much in common, it's fun! Maybe annoying to Jarom when I disappear for a "quick run to Laurel's" that ends up taking 2-3 hours. ha ha. One benefit to hanging out with Laurel, is that she is a deal finder. I've been shopping with her at Goodwill. Here in HR, they have really good stuff at Goodwill. And a lot of the time they still have the tags on them. The great thing about shopping there, is that I can shop more often and get more because everything costs 1/4 less than regular stores. I have missed shopping so much!!! It is wonderful!!!!!!

I've also been able to hang out a lot with my sister Layna since we both moved back to denver. This summer she moved to Littleton, so we've seen a lot more of eachother. Just last night we went and spent the evening with Layna and Matt. We had a blast!!!

I've started running. I'm not good yet, or even fast, but I'm working on it. I think the benefit for my lungs out weights the losses in my weight. I will just have to eat more. Just yesterday, I was running, and I was thinking to myself, "If someone is looking out their window watching me, they must be thinking 'man, when she is running, she doesn't move much faster than when she is walking.'" ha ha. I'm ok with that.

Work has been busy (particularly in the mornings). Jarom is considering hiring another tech because our current tech is leaving for college soon. (Hint hint if you know anyone looking for a full time job.) We already have another office girl that will start training next week when her kids go back to school. We have high hopes for her!! : ) (It's my sister, Laurel)

I start classes at METRO Aug 17th. I'm nervous about going to a different college. I just don't know what to expect in teachers, work load, etc. I'm taking 18 credits, and I should be done next spring (making it only 2 semesters, but 2 very full semesters). I will still teach piano lessons in the afternoons and some evenings. It will be busy, but hopefully worth it!!

This fall will be busy busy, but I'm trying to see it as "very scheduled." haha. That's about it from the Walz home.


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