Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day!

WOW!! What a weekend we have had! Friday night around 11:00pm, Layna and Matt called us because they decided that they wanted to spend Fathers Day with our dad, who is serving a mission in North Dakota. We emidiately agreed to come with them. So we left Denver early Saturday morning, telling almost no one where we were headed, including mom and dad. After driving all day through WY, SD and ND, we got into Bismarck around 6:20pm. One problem, mom and dad weren't at their apartment. so as we were waiting for them, we drove around the close resturants looking for them and trying to call from my cell. When I finally got a hold of Dad, they passed us in the car. I chatted with them (never mentioning that we weren't in Denver) while they unloaded groceries. When hey finally went into heir apartment, we snuck up to the apartment, knocked on the fron door and yelled "happy fathers day!" when dad answered. Mom was changing and didn't realize it was us. She was QUITE surprised when she came out expecting from young single adults from the area. It was a WONDERFUL surprise!! Probably the only fathers day gift dad would happily accept! Mom and dad showed us around Bismark, showing us the church bld, temple, capital, parks, and river. We ended with dinner at Golden Corral, where everyone got whatthey wanted, including dessert.

Sunday morning Dad made us an excellent breakfast of friend potatoes and sausage! YUMMY!!!! We drove 2 hours with them to the branch at McLaughlin. There were probably 16 people there besides us and mom and dad. We only stayed for the sacrament and then had to leave. It was a tini bld with wonderful members! It was a tearful goodbye and we wish that we would have had more time with mom and dad. It was so WONDERFUL to see them, see where they are living, see a little of where they travel, and see the wonderful work they are doing!!

On the way home we stopped through the Badlands, Mt Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. It added a few hours to our trip, but we were already so close! The drive here and back were beautiful!!! Everything was so green and we loved seeing the great plains!!!

Bismarck is lovely and we could easily see why mom and dad love it so much!! What a wonderful weekend, however short it was!


L & L said...

I'm glad you got to go see your parents. They look so happy there.

Anonymous said...

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