Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy , busy, busy....

This past week has been CRAZY!! A few days before school started, I decided to cut my class load because I was getting really stressed and it hadn't even started yet. Now that classes have started, I'm thinking it was a GOOD IDEA! Here is a rundown of how my week goes:

Monday and Wednesday
8:00-9:00 answer phones and return messages for Beeline while getting ready for classes
9:00-1:20 classes plus commute into Denver
1:30-4:00 answer phones for Beeline
4:00-6:30 piano lessons
6:30-8:00 try to do homework while answering phones
8:00-11:00 frantically try to read read read for the next day's classes
11:00-11:45 run

Tuesday and Thursday
8:00-1:00 do paperwork while answering phones for Beeline
1:00-5:45 classes and commute to Denver
6:30-7:30 piano lessons
7:30-11:00 dinner and reading for next day's classes

Friday and Saturday
answering phones, running errands, and trying to catch up on missed readings

If you notice, Monday-Thursday are VERY full!! It has been crazy!! So if you are thinking of calling or getting together with me, it's safe to assume that I'm busy.... but call anyways, cause I might need the break!!

On a good note, I'm taking pretty awesome classes!! US History 1932-present, US History colonial-end of civil war, Civil War and Reconstruction History, and Nazi Germany History. Can you tell what my major is?? ha ha. I'm covering almost every time period in US History. I'm only missing the time between reconstruction and WWI (cause we cover that in Nazi Germany).


The Smaellies said...

It has been so long since I have blogged that I didn't realize you have been updating yours! You are crazy busy and it is hard to imaging how you would have done it with your original credit load. Good luck with everything!