Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Changes

That past week has been full of fun changes for us. Last Monday we bought a new car!! We traded in our TL for a 2010 VW GTI. It is white, 4-door, with 18" wheels, turbo and, my personal favorite, plaid seats!! We are very excited about it! As part of the deal, we are getting a sun roof put in on Tuesday (tomorrow) and the windows tinted the next Monday. It gets really good gas milage, so Jarom really wants to go on a car trip to see how it travels.

Saturday, we signed a lease for an apartment to move into in December. We will be living just over in Centennial/Littleton at Southglenn. It is a cute little area that reminds me of urban living, but a lot smaller. It use to be a mall, but that was torn down and replaced with an outdoor mall with little boutiques and restaurants and a movie theater. The apartments are above some of the shops and restaurants. Here is the link for the area. We are really excited!! I will post pictures when we actually get moved in. We are moving into the apartment call The Cordoba.


madeleine said...

awesome! i love that southglenn area it is so charming, that is so fun you will be living there! i will have to come see you next time i am home....hopefully in the very near future since it's been for ev er! xoxoxo.