Monday, July 12, 2010

July is Code for Vacation

Jarom and I started the month with long trip and Wasden Family Reunion (Jarom's mom's side) and will end the month with the Harris family reunion.

Jarom's family had their annual family reunion in Island Park this past week. We decided to leave early and stop over in Salt Lake City for my nephew's baptism. We only get to see Tyson during the baptism, but we were happy to be there and had a great time with Kirk, Tristin, and Zac! They sure do know how to throw a party.

We spent some time in Rexburg before going up to Island Park. Apparently, no one told me that Rexburg hasn't seen summer yet. Would have been nice to know before I packed for the week. Jarom's sister, Jill, is in beauty school and cut and dyed my hair for me. I love it! We also got to spend some time with Adele, Jake, Taylor, and Kamdyn. We had a great time. I can't believe how much Taylor talks! She is going through a little bit of the tantrum age, but Adele is very good at sitting her against the wall until she is done crying. We also spent some time with them Saturday night before going home and they took us out on the air boat with their neighbors.

Jarom's immediate family went up to Island Park a little earlier than the rest of his extended family and got it's own cabin, so it was a way of fitting in their own personal reunion while everyone was in town. The first night, Jarom's brother-in-law that owns the pest control company in Salt Lake found a bed bug. It was after everyone went to sleep and he wasn't 100% sure it was a bed bug because it looked a little funny. After we seriously searched their room and ours, we decided not to wake everyone. I had such a hard time convincing myself that I did NOT want to sleep in the car alone. I took some dramamine hoping it would just knock me out. Dramamine is NOT meant as a sleeping aid. It totally whacked me out!! The whole time I was thinking about how Kirk had plenty of sleeping pills at his house. The next day, after everyone headed over to the other cabin, we searched all the beds. There was only one out of 9 beds that had bugs in it. We called the owners and talked with them about treating it, but we still continued to sleep there. Tracy told me that we probably collected them all in plastic bags because they hadn't been there for long. But yes, we did tell everyone. And yes, we threw everything in the dryer right away and again when we got home.

We had fun boating and seeing Jarom's extended family, but after 10 days in 3 different locations, I'm very happy to be home!