Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Shower / Girls Weekend

This past weekend, my friend from High School, Jaden Jones, had a baby shower in Draper, UT. So Laura and I drove over to Provo for the shower. Liz flew down from Seattle and Sydney drove up from California so we could all be there. Lu, Liz and I shared a hotel room in Provo and had a wonderful time! It was so wonderful to see everyone and have a fun break. Here are some pictures I took with my new camera.

At the shower.
Charlene Bury Freestone, Liz Bowler Griffith, Laura Wilson DeWitt, Jaden Fowler Jones, Sydney Bertoch Porter, Katie Harris Walz


Liz and Charlene at the shower.

This is obviously a gift from Lu.

Liz's birthday was in a few days so we got her a birthday cake and made her pretend to blow out some candles.

Lu having fun.

Liz doing her nails and eating strawberries.