Friday, September 19, 2008

How I Spend My Days

Jarom started school about 2 weeks ago. Since I finished last semester, I find myself with plenty of free time. I have found the perfect activity to help the days go by-- holding my favorite niece!! Adele has to go back to work next week and I will be watching Taylor. I'm so excited!! She is two months old and is really starting to show her personality. I'm not her favorite but I'm in the top five, and that makes me feel good. She has been sick recently, so I've been holding her while Adele did everything else on her list- cleaning, laundry, shower, etc. Adele thinks she is getting the better end of the deal, but she is wrong. Taylor is so sweet and I love holding her and just loving her. It has been wonderful and I'm glad that I live so close!!


The Smaellies said...

yeah for the update! of course i think this is such a cute picture! i love having you here in rexburg to keep me company and to hold my beautiful baby girl! i love you and i know taylor does too!

Addie said...

Hey, I check your blog, but you only update it every 6 weeks or so! I'm jealous that you get to hold that baby so much!!!

Bryce and Katie said...

You're such a good Auntie! I'm guessing we have the same thought when looking at this's 'Huh, maybe I should get me one of these babies, they are sooo cute!!!'