Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back in Utah for the Break

Jarom and I finish summer semester. I got 4 As and 1 B+!! So I'm feeling pretty good! We moved down to Utah for the month of August. We will head back permanently in Idaho either labor day weekend, when my family will be there, or the weekend after. (Either way we will be there Labor Day for Taylor's baby blessing)

Jarom is out spraying and I'm working in the office here in Utah. My job has changed a little though- because I am going to be running the office in Denver, I have been doing a lot more personal assistant stuff so I understand what goes into it. I have also been training on calls to solicit so that I can work until December from Idaho. We just call customers that we serviced a year ago and offer them a deal if they want to be sprayed again this year. (Things like free wasp spray with a spider spray etc) I'm slowly getting the hang of it. My boss likes things said a certain way because he has spent a lot of time working out the best way to say things, and some of them sound great when he says them, but I just sound like an idiot. Luckily everyone is really nice though.

My goal is to save as much money as possible and the way I'm going to be most effective is not eat out for lunch!! (It's sad how much money you can waste eating out) The first day I bought a loaf of bread, ham, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, a package of drinks, and some pretzels. Other than people drinking my Cherry Coke, it has worked out really well! And the other girls in the office know my goal and don't ask me to get lunch with them, which I appreciate.

Jarom is also learning new things. He is really working on termites and bed bugs so that he can sell them in Denver and become an overall expect on the subjects (along with the rest of the bugs, but most of those he already has down).

For me, work is much harder to get through than school. With school, you have different subjects, and different teachers, and different classmates about every hour. Here, it is the same thing for 8 hours or more. But I definitely like the personal assistant stuff more because it changes.

Last Sunday we had dinner with my brother, Kirk and his wife Tristin and their family. It was a lot of fun, except the pathetic pool game of me and Rian vs Jarom and Tyson. We eventually had to give up because we were slowly getting worse and worse and were scratching more and more. Dinner tasted great and we enjoyed hanging out with Kirk and Tristin.

Yesterday I hang out with an old friend, Sam Poth, that I haven't seen since 7th grade (almost 10 years). She is living in Bountiful and she found me on facebook. We met up and went to a farmers market. It was so nice to see her and have a chance to talk and catch up. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of each other before we go back to Idaho.

Next weekend we are headed back to Idaho. Jarom has to take a test for an online class he is taking during the break. I think we are going to float the rive up in Island Park, and maybe do some campfire dinners up at the dry farms. I am looking forward to it and it will definitely be the thing getting me through the week.