Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UGH!! That's all I have to say!

The "break" between semesters wasn't so much of a break. We went down to SLC and I went shopping by myself a lot and Jarom worked. Luckily, Jarom made more than I spent, so we came out on top! We had a lot of fun with Kirk and Tristin and Tristin's family. My sister, Hauna, and her family came through on Saturday. It was nice to see them and spend the afternoon and evening with their family. I went to IKEA with my cousin Madeleine. That store is so cool!! I bought a dresser (see Figure 1). I LOVE IT! We drove it all the way home in our Acura. It was an interesting drive because our back seats DO NOT fold down. Out of determination and much measuring, we laid down the front passenger seat and placed the boxes on that seat. Jarom drove home and I sat in the back, very very lonely. Needless to say that Jarom’s shoulder got all the love because that’s all I could see and reach.

I had Jarom's brother Jake buy me a bed frame later from IKEA (after we had gotten back but he was still down in SLC). He asked quite a few times, "so this is everything I need for a king size mattress?" He is very smart and realized that he didn’t want to drive 5 hours just to realize that he was missing one small but essential part to the bed frame. But when we were putting it together, we discovered that the head and foot board were for a queen and did not convert into a king size. After many phone calls to IKEA, they said that they would ship up the king size since he specifically asked someone at the store. So that was good.... notice the “was.” They called Monday to let us know that they couldn't ship it because UPS doesn't ship things that heavy so they would have to use the really expensive shipping (according to the shipping fees on the web about $300, which I knew because I considered just buying it online until I realized that the shipping was as much as the frame) so instead they would give us 10% off the king size bed frame and extend our return policy. I'm not happy about that at all!! We live 5 hours away! Luckily we are going down to SLC for my niece’s, Rian, baptism in 2 weeks. If I had been on the phone I would have told them that they were paying for my gas and giving me more than 10% off. 5 hours!!! Did I mention that?

The good thing about moving so close is that you can take 3 days to move. The bad thing about moving so close is that you take 3 days to move. By the third day I was SO tired!! And we technically aren't done, but the things left are little stuff like Jarom's tools in the garage etc. We still have to clean but that is going to have to wait until the weekend.
The boxes are the queen bed frame.
Our new apartment is pretty nice. It is smaller than the house we were renting, but we never used all the space and it is easier to keep a smaller apt clean, not to mention cheaper t
o heat. We are enjoying the apt complex “club house” which includes a workout room, pool and ping pong table, theater room, computer room, and lounge. Jarom and I played 6 games of pool, which all ended miserably with someone hitting in the 8 ball. Let’s just say we both considered it pretty pathetic. But yesterday (Tuesday) Jarom and I went to work out and decided that we needed to redeem ourselves. I did amazing!! I can openly admit that because I know it was all luck! The first game I technically lost because I called the wrong pocket for the 8 ball, but it was an amazing shot either way. The second game I won!! It was like I could do no wrong! Every turn I hit at least 2 balls in and most of them were strictly by chance. I will probably never play like that again so I enjoyed it while it lasted.

School started again on Monday and I'm not excited about it. It is my last semester and I'm so close to just giving it all up! The new "learning model" makes everyone read everything before class and required students to be prepared to teach the material. Unfortunately, this means that each teacher thinks that their class is the only class and requires a lot of reading with quizzes or journals due of that days reading. It's NOT fun!! Whatever happened to learning from the teacher? I’m good at that kind!

I think we will be going to Denver soon on business. Jarom's brother-in-law Tracy wants to check out the area and find a bank/credit union for the business. I’m not sure the actual date because I'm not the one making the decisions and every time I suggest setting an actual date, he just says, "yeah, that sounds alright..." but never makes a definite plan. It's slightly frustrating. I'm very excited even if it will just be for the weekend.

It's still so so cold here and the wind has picked up way too much!! I'm wondering when spring is going to come?! Monday I wore a light sweater and pretty much froze!! I needed a full-on coat! It is just so depressing that I still need a heavy coat in the middle of April. And people try to convince me of global warming.... well it's not warming in Idaho!


Madeleine said...

ok, so first frustrating!!!! when are you getting the bed for real? I LOVE the dresser! it looks great, and i love love love your apartment! we have been apartment shopping all week so i appreciate all the details in the picture, great kitchen, looks beautiful :). Is is warmer there yet?