Thursday, April 24, 2008


So today we had a full-on blizzard. It was so upsetting! At the end of April, I'm pretty sure we are suppose to have good weather... maybe some slight rain showers but overall nice weather. What happened? I'm sick of snow and I'm sick of wind! It is days like this that I really miss my garage at our last place!! I've also pretty much given up on trying to make my hair look good until the wind stops. Every day I spend time straightening my hair, and then I go out to the car, and when I park on campus I walk to my classes, and by the time anyone sees me, my hair looks completely ridiculous!! It's all over the place and not even straight anymore. It's so frustrating!! Any girl who has lived in Rexburg knows exactly what I'm talking about, and I'm sure plenty of other people around the world have experienced the same frustration.


The Smaellies said...

I feel you, Katie!! I am so sick of this weather!! The forcast shows that we will have 2 nicer days(mid 50's) in the next ten, but mostly it will be windy and raining.. sorry to be the realist:(

Bryce and Katie said...

That totally sucks, I'm sorry Katie. I'm even more sorry you weren't with us in Mesa where it was 91 degrees ;) ha ha!