Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Old Plan

Jarom and I are both attending school right now at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg. Both of us are studying History; Jarom with a minor in Geography, and me with a minor in Political Science. We go to school in the winter (January to April) and summer (April to end of July). Furing the fall we move down to Utah and work for Jarom's brother-in-law, Tracy. If we follow this routine, we will both graduate Summer (July) of 2009. Although the semesters ahead will not be easy, it will be nice to be done!

After our degrees, Jarom will continue on to law school, and I will tag along for the ride. Jarom is hoping to get into a Top Ten law school to receive his training in business law. We wouldn't mind moving closer to the east coast for law school since both of us are from the west, but eventually we want to end up back in this region to be close to family (and enjoy no humidity).


Laynalou3 said...

I love the humidity! Except for in the winter, of course...