Sunday, March 30, 2008

The New Plan

Jarom's brother-in-law Tracy owns a pest control business. He came to us and offered us an opportunity to open a branch of his company in the Denver area. Tracy came up to Rexburg that weekend to go over all the specifics. Tracy’s idea was for Jarom to own the Denver office, and he would pay all the start up costs but it would be Jarom’s job to run it and make it work. Jarom has always wanted to starat his own business, he knows the business, and this opportunity puts us in Denver where we wanted to live. We decided to accept, and we feel very good about the decision.

So now the plan is that Jarom will take extra classes each semester and graduate from BYU-Idaho this December, and then we will move to Denver and start the branch at the beginning of the year. I will not be able to graduate by December so I am going to get a Associates Degree and try to continue my schooling when we move to Denver. I am also looking into Sign Language Interpreting programs in Denver. We are very excited to move back to Denver and be close to my family after being so close to Jarom's family for two years. Be in all honesty, we will miss Jarom's family very much! Hopefully they will come and visit!


coletterolo said...

We think you should come to Dallas to kill all OUR pests. Texas has enough roaches to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! We'd even be glad to send you one (dead) to show you. (but it won't be from OUR home) You'd still be close to family, but not yours :(
Love the blog!