Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall or Winter?


This is a picture of Taylor and I with our matchy-matchy Halloween socks. Very festive!! For Halloween Jarom and I went to the dry farm with Jarom's brother, Jake, and his date, Jen. We made tin foil dinners over a fire and watched Minority Report on a sheet with a projector. We couldn't watch anything too scary because we were in the woods and I have an over-active imagination. It was fun though. We bought some candy just in case some kids came to our apartment, but no one ever came, so we ate it all ourselves. It made up for not trick-or-treating. ha ha.


Election day came and went. Jarom and I voted. It was my first time. I expected it to be more exciting!! But I still felt good doing it. I kind of felt like my vote didn't matter that much being in Idaho because the state is so predominately republican. But I would have felt guilty if things would have turned out differently. Either way, voting was the right thing to do. I'm not ready to talk about the outcome yet... ask me in a week and maybe I'll feel better.

Did anyone realize that you aren't allowed to buy alcohol on election day? I saw a sign at the grocery store today. Can anyone tell me how those two things are related??? Are they worried about people getting drunk and voting irresponsibly? ha ha. Also, those people who are going to get drunk and riot, probably already have the alcohol at home already because they could have bought it November 3rd instead of on the 4th. WEIRD!!


Since Sunday, it has been quite cold, dark, and dreary in Rexburg. It has been quite depressing!! I can totally understand how people can have seasonal depression. Today it snowed. I am not ready for winter!!! It is so cold and dark!!!!! I did get to wear my beanie though, and that makes me happy. I think Jarom is super excited because snow equals snowboarding. For me, snowboarding equals cold fingers and toes and a bruised bum.


The Smaellies said...

I love your comment about snowboarding..."it eqauls cold finger and toes and a bruised bum!" Funny! Maybe we will all go snowboarding for new years!?!

I am also not ready for snow, but nevertheless, it is coming :( Why can't it still be summer! Well, at least we have an excuse to drink hot chocolate and wrap up in a blanket on the couch!

The Watkins said...

That looks way too cold for me?!In Texas the wind is blowing the colorful fall leaves and it's not too cold, yet. I can't watch scary things because my imagination goes on and on. Funny family connection? Hmm, maybe. I liked the "matchy, matchy" socks! How adorable!

jessyd said...

I really like your cute little socks! We need to play soon Katie! its been too long!

The Smaellies said...

by the way katie, Cindy loved reading your blog. She wanted me to tell you!