Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Holiday Season is Just Around the Corner

The Holidays are getting closer and closer....

Some days I feel like it is still summer, but then other nights I wake up thinking I need to start packing immediately. Is anyone else suffering from similar symptoms?

For the first time in my college history, BYU-Idaho is taking an entire week off for Thanksgiving break. YEA!!!! As a result, we are taking advantage of the time off. First we are making a trip to Denver. We are flying out on Thursday, Nov 20. There are many things Jarom and I need to accomplish before we move to Denver in January, so hopefully we will be able to take a big chunk out of our to-do list while we are there. Plus, I really miss my family! My sister, Laurel, is suppose to have her baby around the time that we are there-- wouldn't that just be so exciting?!?!

The Monday before Thanksgiving (Nov 24) We are flying to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with Jarom's entire family. It has been a while since we were in Arizona, so we are really exciting. Also, Jarom's sister, Elise, just had a baby in September, so we are excited to meet little Colton!! It will be fun to be with the whole family, not to mention how nice the warm weather will feel!!

We had decided to spend Christmas in Rexburg with Jarom's family. Christmas is always an exciting time!! I'm looking forward to piano Christmas music, trees and lights (if they are straight), ad spending time with family. Things I'm not looking forward to include packing and freezing weather!!

Our lease on our apt is up at the end of the year, so between Christmas and New Years, we will be moving to Denver. We may have a few people helping us drive to Denver (and also getting a good vacation). My sister Adele (and family) and Jarom's family here in Rexburg may be joining us. We are so excited to me moving back to the Denver area- specifically Highlands Ranch. It will be so nice for me to be in a familiar area, with plenty of family close by, and we are both excited to get the business up and running.

That is about it from here.


The Smaellies said...

as it is getting colder i am also thinking about the holiday season. i am excited for taylor to expience a lot of "firsts", it will be so much fun! i can't wait to put up my christmas decorations.

i am also thinking about you moving and it makes me so sad! please don't go!