Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Made It To Colorado

Although we moved to Colorado before New Years, we are just feeling like it is more than a vacation. Most of our stuff is still packed in boxes in the garage, but our bed and dresser etc are up and in the master bedroom. So at least that room feels like our place.

Jarom and I got put to work right away in our new ward (which is my old ward too). We are now Primary teachers of 9 brand new Sunbeams. They are SO cute! One of the new Sunbeams is deaf, so the Bishop was excited for us to be moving back into the ward. I've been remembering my basic signs, and I look forward to remembering the sign language I learned in High School. Jarom is so great with the kids! He is especially good with the boys that don't sit still. It is very cute to watch!!

I have been spending a lot of time with Laurel. We are helping each other with my parents' departure, and she has been helping me make new friends in the ward. thank goodness for a good sister that I like hanging out with!!

My parents go into the MTC next Monday (January 26th), but they left today to spend the rest of the week visiting family in Utah. They have been working very hard to pack up their things and get ready to make the big move to Bismarck, North Dakota. We will miss them greatly, but appreciate the good example they set for our family and friends. I think they will really love their time on their mission!!

The business is up and running!! The ads in the phone books weren't suppose to come out until the end of February, but Laurel called us a few weeks ago to let us know they got their new phone books. Since then, we have had about 1 appointment a day. We are so greatful for the business and hope that it will continue and increase. (Hint hint) It has definitely kept Jarom busy! I'm sure he is greatful for that!

That is about it from here. I will try to post more later.


The Smaellies said...

I am glad you are finally felling "at home again". That transition time is alwasys so hard! It is awesome that Jarom already has appointments! Yeah for Bee Line! I miss you tons (and I know Taylor does too!) We Hope to be seeing you soon!

Madeleine and Greg Pickett said...

I love and miss you and can't believe you guys are now in Colorado! So exciting! We need to have a long chat to catch up, wish we could over sherbet, but that will have to wait till we are reunited in the same state.

Anonymous said...

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