Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midterms, etc.

We are officially half way through the summer semester... and maybe a little more. It feels so good, except that the second half is always harder... papers are written and turned in, projects are due, etc etc. My midterm grades were pretty good and I think Jarom's were better. It's been a busy but successful semester for the both of us so far. Amazingly enough, all my classes this semester have been overlapping. I'm taking a geography of developing nations, far east history, international relations (political science), and building eternal marriage. Who would have guess that they would all be so closely related? It's been very helpful and actually makes classes more interesting. This is my last semester and I'm very ready to be done!! I don't have time to get my bachelors degree because Jarom is going to graduate December. Instead, I'm getting my associates in general studies at the end of this semester. We will see if I will continue when we move to Denver.

This semester Jarom is playing on a BYU-I Tennis team. It's mostly for fun, but it's been exciting for me to go and watch him play. I'm finally beginning to understand the game. I want to know who came up with the scoring for tennis! I mean, the scoring of each game love-fifteen-thirty-forty-game point. But you have to win by two. So if you are neck and neck, you have to go deuce-add-in-deuce-add-out etc until someone wins by two. Who came up with that anyways? 15-30-40? I mean, shouldn't it be 45? And whe terms? And then the fact that you have to win by 2. Some little kid must have barely lost and said, "no, you have to win my two" just so he would have another chance. Then, to make it worse, you have to win 6 of those games to win the set, also by two. Then you have to win best of 3 sets for girls or best of 5 sets for boys. It goes on FOREVER! I've also been watching the French Open (which isn't called the french Open anymore) to get some practice with understanding the game.

This last weekend was Adele's baby shower. It went really nicely. There was an air show on the west side of town, and a marathon on the east side of town, so we were glad when so many people showed up. There were some bumps along the way, but everything went alright. Some of my family was able to come- Addie (from Boise), Hauna (from Lander, WY), and my mom (from CO). It was so much fun to have everyone here. There was a few time I was starting tearing up because I was laughing so hard. Unfortunately, they weren't able to stay long. I appreciate them taking the time, money, and effort to support us here in Rexburg. The picture is of Adele with a gift- they are baby etnies. They are SO cute!! Adele has some to match. Baby stuff is the cutest!